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Calgary Foothills FC win second straight match against Victoria Highlanders FC – take six points from first two matches of season

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Calgary Foothills FC earned a second straight victory over visiting Victoria Highlanders FC 1-0 on a sunny Mother’s Day afternoon in Okotoks.

Sunday’s match, watched by 340 spectators, finished 1-0 for the hosts, on a first half goal by Foothills FC striker Moses Danto. Calgary also won the first meeting between the two sides Friday night 2-0.

The weekend’s results mean Foothills FC will take away the full six points from their first two matches of the new Premier Development League season.

“We had to find another way to win,” said Foothills FC head coach Tommy Wheeldon Jr. after the match. “We’re going to be tough to beat. The back line, and as a team, worked very hard. And leagues are won with one and two goal games. And that’s what we’ve shown this weekend against a very good and very tough and very physical team.”

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Wheeldon was pleased to see his new striker Moses Danto get off the mark with his first goal of the season.

“‘Mose’, I’m absolutely delighted for him,” said Wheeldon. “He’s now on track. He loves to score goals. He’s a threat and give him chance. We’ve just got to keep feeding him and he’ll have a bagful of goals this season.”

Danto’s goal came in the 30th minute, off a corner kick delivers by Kyle Jones.

“It actually came off my shoulder,” admitted Danto with a wry smile following the game. “But hey, they all count.

“It’s always good to get that first goal. So I’m just happy that we won. Six points in the weekend. It’s all we wanted.”

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Sunday’s match was another heated affair, matching Friday’s intensity. But Danto says that’s just the nature of PDL.

“It’s aggressive, it’s PDL,” he said. “Everybody wants to win. It’s a short season. When you play your games you got to get your points. And that’s what we did today.”

Looking ahead to Portland Timbers U23

While head coach Wheeldon was happy with the result and walking away with maximum points, he sees opportunity for improvement.

“I wanted the second goal,” said Wheeldon. “The second one is always insurance. It didn’t quite stick up front today. We’ve got some work to do in the next couple weeks, before we welcome Portland.

“We’ve got an unbelievable attack, it just didn’t work. It was scrappy. Once we get that and once we get firing on all cylinders, there’s more to come from this team. It’s a phenomenal group.”

Foothills FC will next welcome Portland Timbers U23 in two weeks and Wheeldon is looking forward to the meeting.

“We can’t wait to play Portland Timbers,” he said. “Once we get them up to Calgary in the altitude let’s see how they cope.”

Calgary Foothills FC next play Portland Timbers U23 at Foothills Composite High School in Okotoks Friday May 25 at 7:30pm.

Single game and season tickets are available online at or at the gate.

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  1. Andrew Fleming on

    Ask Tommy Jr if he is laundering money from this ??? professional team as well, He and his belligerent and fraudulent father, Tommy Senior, were the dynamic duo of theft when Calgary tried to put together a professional team in Calgary years ago. A great piece of advice, because I’ve seen it happen to so many great kids, get out now, before they empty your wallet!!
    They are tougted to be the best. How did you do at this years Nationals? ????
    Do us all a favor, grab your idiot brother Jay and go back to England. Problem is, they don’t hire your type in England, that’s why you’re here, preying on the mislead. Canada can’t even qualify for World Cup and are ranked 150th in the world. Right, England is scouting Canadian boys. I hope you’re proud of the “ business” you’ve established, because it has nothing to do with real honest training and developing soccer players that are treated and feel valued. You are a horrible coach, hot under the collar, and god forbid if you’re losing, out comes Jeckyl and Hyde.
    I await a German group to come to Calgary, train the bundseliga way, and school you’re English long ball soccer. Couldn’t stop laughing at the” o
    “ long ball/ dump and chase Jay displayed when he suited up for a PDAl game. That was entertaining.

    You are involved in a conflict of interest, with you Dad in England and you are sending naive kids and families to go and live the dream. You deserve credit at what you do do well, destroy kids confidence and dignity by lying to them and not being transparent or honest about their future, then you step in and as a result of the diluted technical staff impose the lack of guality training by lying to them until they’ve registered. That’s when you open up and destroy a young man’s confidence. It is a form of using your power to demoralize an innocent young man.
    A complaint is being launched as we speak to put Foothills under close surveillance for the conflict of interest with the expectation top teams attend(and pressured to) or black balled within the club.